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Messages, Graphics, and Other Resources

These resources are available to ECA Associates, government agencies, and other partners for promoting awareness and participation in the ShakeOut and to encourage preparedness, primarily via the news media, social media, and outreach activities.

Messaging Resources
What to do During an Earthquake
Additional Resources
Example Messaging
Calendar and Media Venues List Event Submission Form
ShakeOut Shop

Messaging Resources:

NEW! 2015 ShakeOut Social Media Messaging (Word)

Steps to a Successful ShakeOut for Local Government Public Information Officers (and others) (PDF)

2014 California ShakeOut Key Messages (PDF)

Global ShakeOut Social Media Messaging (Word - modify to fit your region!)

2014 California ShakeOut Fire Agency Participation Suggestions and Fire Safety Messaging (PDF)

California ShakeOut Presentation: Fire Agency Participation (PowerPoint)

Countdown to ShakeOut for Organizations (PDF)

Several descriptions about ShakeOut, of different lengths for newsletters, webpages, and social media (Word)

Suggested Scripts for PSAs, Brief Mentions, and the Drill Broadcast (Word)

Official Great California ShakeOut Facebook page (please share posts and feel free to copy/adapt in your social media)

Official Great California ShakeOut Twitter handle (please retweet posts and feel free to copy/adapt in your social media)

Simple Countdown to ShakeOut Messages for Social Media (please retweet posts and feel free to copy/adapt in your social media)

Frequently Asked Questions

History and Development of the ShakeOut

2013 California ShakeOut PowerPoint Template (Updated 10/1/13, 9.1 MB)

Updated! Earthquake Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities and Other Access or Functional Needs (8 pages) (PDF | RTF)

Information about what to do during an earthquake (and more):

Special Report on Why Drop, Cover, and Hold On is recommended

Recommended Earthquake Safety Actions (including situations when you cannot get beneath a table) (PDF | RTF)

Updated! Key Earthquake Safety Tips for People with Disabilities and Other Access or Functional Needs (2 pages) (PDF | RTF)

Recommended Earthquake Safety Actions For Parents and Care Providers of Young Children and Infants (PDF)

Earthquake Safety in Stores (PDF) (includes "Beat the Quake" game and additional information)

ShakeOut Get Ready Banner


ShakeOut logos, 'Drop, Cover, and Hold On' artwork in multiple languages, and more.

ShakeOut web banners (several varieties and sizes) and facebook timeline images


Videos useful for understanding or promoting the ShakeOut.

Audio and Video "Drill Broadcast" recordings (in English and Spanish) have been created to provide instructions during your Drop, Cover, Hold On drill.

Additional Resources

NEW! Options for Government Agency Participation and Outreach (PDF)

NEW! College Registration Guidelines and Participation Resources

College participation resources customized for California

ShakeOut Drill Manual for Government Agencies and Facilities (258 KB PDF)

Other Drill manuals, disability/AFN resources, planning documents, posters, flyers, and other resources.

Letters of support from CalEMA, CDE, etc.

Sample draft resolution of intent to participate or proclamation of support (Word, 37 KB)

Example Messaging

Please email your ShakeOut promotional materials and other messaging and we will list them as examples here.

San Bernardino County:

Calendar and Media Venues List

Add preparedness events and ShakeOut media venues to the ShakeOut Calendar and ShakeOut Media Venues by completing the Event Submission form.

         ShakeOut Shop

The ShakeOut Shop has been created as a service to ShakeOut participants who are requesting t-shirts, buttons, stickers, and other products to commemorate their drills, spread preparedness messages, and encourage others to participate. Soon you will also be able to order posters and flyers with your logo or information printed on them. You can purchase emergency preparedness items and you will also receive free items and informational materials.

Proceeds from each sale go to support increasing participation in the ShakeOut and preparedness for earthquakes!

In addition, Non-Profit organizations, Schools, Neighborhood Councils, and Agencies are encouraged to partner with ShakeOut as a fundraiser for your own organization! By becoming a ShakeOutShop Affiliate, your organization will receive ten percent (10%) of the total order (not including sales tax and shipping costs) of all merchandise available through the ShakeOutShop (including ShakeOut merchandise and all preparedness supplies through

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