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The Great Southern California ShakeOut
The Great Southern California ShakeOut

Technical Drill Resources

Simulated earthquake mapping software, ShakeOut documentation and animations, ShakeOut earthquake and aftershock shakemaps, and other information resources for advanced drills.

CISN Display

A real-time simulation of the CISN Display tool has been created for use in the ShakeOut Drill. Download this application prior to November 13. At approximately 10 a.m. on November 13, the ShakeOut earthquake data (7.8 magnitude earthquake, 17,500+ aftershocks over a week-long sequence, and shakemaps) will start showing up on the CISN Simulation much like the real version performs.

  • Available for the ShakeOut Drill on November 13 at 10am thru November 20 at 9:56am. Data will begin appearing on the screen when the drill begins:
    • ShakeOut Scenario earthquake locations, occurrence times, magnitudes (for a magnitude 7.8 main shock and aftershocks)
    • Epicenter maps
    • Intensity ShakeMaps for the magnitude 7.8 and the largest aftershocks
  • To download the CISN Display for ShakeOut application, go to then click on "To download the ShakeOut Simulation, click here" under the ShakeOut banner.
  • Any questions, contact Margaret Vinci at

ShakeOut Earthquake Scenario Information and Documents

ShakeOut Scenario USGS ShakeMaps

In addition to the main ShakeOut earthquake scenario, the USGS has created ShakeMaps for four potential aftershocks have been created for use in the Golden Guardian exercise and other advanced drills:

Mag Name/Epicenter Date Time Lat Lon Event ID
7.8ShakeOut M7.8 Scenario V2Nov 13 200810:00:00 33.350-115.710ShakeOut2_full_se
7.0ShakeOut M7.0 Scenario V2 AftershockNov 13 200812:00:33 33.548-115.892ShakeOut2_AS1_se
7.2ShakeOut M7.2 Scenario V2 AftershockNov 14 200803:16:16 34.180-117.441ShakeOut2_AS2_se
5.7ShakeOut M5.7 Scenario V2 AftershockNov 15 200823:32:30 34.159-117.364ShakeOut2_AS3_se
6.0ShakeOut M6.0 Scenario V2 AftershockDec 13 200817:00:00 34.271-117.451ShakeOut2_AS4_se

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