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The Great Southern California ShakeOut
The Great Southern California ShakeOut

What K-12 Schools* Can Do

We're all in this together-- the more you do to prepare now, before a big earthquake, the better all our lives will be after. Over 180 districts and over 400 additional schools have already registered to participate!

*We now have a separate page of information on What Colleges and Universities Can Do.

Post-Drill Survey

Did your school participate in the ShakeOut? If so, please complete the ShakeOut Post-Drill School Survey to help us assess the effectiveness of the event. Thank you for joining the Great Southern California Shakeout!

How to Participate:

  • Today:   Register your school or district to be counted in the ShakeOut Drill, get email updates, and more.

  • Between now and November 13:
    • Meet with your School Safety Committee to plan your drill. Plan to include everyone on campus in the drill. The ShakeOut Drill Planning Resources for Schools has comprehensive materials to support you in organizing simple to advanced earthquake drills.

    • Please complete a school preparedness survey

    • Support preparedness throughout your community by sending ShakeOut Take-Home Materials home with students to help their families get prepared.

    • Encourage teachers to discuss earthquakes and preparedness in class. The ShakeOut Educational Resources page has many materials and suggestions for activities.

    • Evaluate and increase your school's level of preparedness. Download School Preparedness Materials that have been created to help prepare your school or district for Southern California’s next big quake.
  • November 13:   Implement your drill plan at 10 a.m. along with thousands of other schools across southern California! (See this page for what those with a disability or an activity limitation can do.)

  • November 14:   Attend the Get Ready Rally to learn more and share stories about the ShakeOut drill.

  • After the ShakeOut:  Return to this website and participate in the Post-ShakeOut Schools Survey to share your stories and document your experience.

Help Promote the ShakeOut:

  • Invite your parents to register as families to participate in the ShakeOut. Use Parent/PTA meetings to spread the word.

  • Record an auto-dial message to parents about your school's participation in the ShakeOut. Use or modify our sample phone script (English and Spanish)

  • Display posters about ShakeOut in classrooms and offices on bulletin boards. Put ShakeOut flyers at your public counters. Include a flyer in paycheck envelopes, or an article in your school newsletter.

  • Hold a meeting among your parents and staff and share personal and family preparedness information and discuss what individuals and their families can do to ShakeOut. Have everyone register while at the meeting, especially those without internet access.

  • Design and host preparedness events to encourage your client community to join the ShakeOut and prepare for disasters. Create alliances with other organizations to make the event a bigger success.

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