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The Great Southern California ShakeOut
The Great Southern California ShakeOut


We are seeking partners to provide resources to fulfill our vision for regional preparedness and awareness on a scale never before seen.

Each of the ShakeOut activities, and the public education campaign now through November, will provide substantial visibility and recognition of sponsoring organizations as leaders in supporting public, school, and corporate earthquake safety.

However the real benefits will be achieved when as a result of preparedness actions supported now, your employees, vendors, and customers will experience fewer losses and your organization will be able to recover quickly. The Great Southern California ShakeOut is our opportunity to prepare now as individuals, organizations, and society, in advance of our next major earthquake. We can prevent a disaster from becoming a catastrophe – if we act now.

ShakeOut requires approximately $2 million to be implemented (however this is less than .001% percent of the losses predicted in the ShakeOut Scenario!). Much of the funds raised will support the public awareness media campaign including traditional PSAs and advertising, online social networking (myspace, etc.), “viral” emails, printed materials, and more. Local school and community preparedness events will also be coordinated.

Sponsorships will also support the City of Los Angeles International Earthquake Conference, which will bring the world’s earthquake experts together with U.S. counterparts to share best practices, and the “Get Ready Rally,” an immersive educational experience for the general public, planned by Art Center College of Design.

For inquiries about sponsorship opportunities, contact Mark Benthien at 213-740-0323 or

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