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ShakeOut Virtual/Hybrid Drill Guidance and Resources

NEW! Powerpoints for leading ShakeOut Drills (Online or In-Person) – see below

For Grades K-4, Grades 5-12, Higher Education, and all other Organizations

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed many adaptations for home, work, and school – some which have remained including many people working remotely.

Good news - you can have an earthquake drill in all settings! This includes at home, work, school, or perhaps through a video conference with people working or taking classes from home. We can and should still practice how to be safe when the earth shakes, especially when situations change.

In many regions, ShakeOut has been an annual practice for more than ten years because everyone gets to participate in the way that works best for them. This means you can have your drill on another day than this year's International ShakeOut Day, or across multiple days (depending on your situation). You might also have everyone check their disaster supplies, secure furniture and other items to prevent damage and injury, and update emergency plans and contacts?

While some ShakeOut drills and other activities may happen as always, there are some new considerations:

  1. Where will you all be for your drill? Together, or some at work, school or home? Consider video-conferencing!
  2. If in person, what health and safety guidelines do you need to incorporate into your drill?
  3. Is it better to have everyone participate all at once, or perhaps in staggered (or even repeated) dates and times?

We're all in this together.

NEW! Powerpoints for leading ShakeOut Drills (Online or In-Person)

These presentations have been developed for drill leaders to use online (distance learning or remote workers) but also can be used for in-person drills. Download the version for your group, and follow the instructions in the first few slides and in the notes for each slide. Each presentation has optional slides, and multiple versions of for narrating your drill (audio recordings or text you can read).

ShakeOut Drill Guidance for Grades K-4
ShakeOut Drill Guidance for Grades 5-12
ShakeOut Drill Guidance for Higher Education
ShakeOut Drill Guidance for All Other Organizations
Orientación de Simulacros para todas las Organizaciones

NEW! Videos from CUSEC about how to get prepared and how to participate if working or learning from home

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