ShakeOut Participant Totals

Please start by selecting the column that you would like to add. Build your customized report by selecting the columns one at a time. To delete a column, click on the "x" that will appear by the name.

You can choose from all current ShakeOut regions to see their statistics. If you would like to compare two columns, you can do so by selecting one of the comparison tools at the bottom of the list. They look at the two ShakeOut region columns prior and calculate either the percentage, absolute difference, or an over/under indicator of the two regions before.

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Childcare and Pre-Schools
K-12 (Primary and Secondary) Schools
Colleges and Universities
Local Government
State/Provincial Government
Federal/National Government
Tribes/Indigenous Peoples
Hotels and Other Lodgings
Senior Facilities/Communities
Disability Organizations
Non-Profit Organizations
Neighborhood Groups
Preparedness Organizations
Faith-based Organizations
Museums, Libraries, Parks, etc.
Volunteer/Service Clubs
Youth Organizations
Animal Shelter/Service Providers
Agriculture/Livestock Sector
Volunteer Radio Groups
Science/Engineering Organizations
Media Organizations