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Stories From The Central U.S. ShakeOut

We participated in the Great Central U.S. Shakeout on 10/17/13 at 10:17 am. A code 7 was called to indicate severe weather was on the rise. We alerted everyone that an Earthquake was pending and to Drop, Cover, and Hold On! This event was not only to educate our resident population but our staff as well. We were able to train everyone in a non-confrontational manner and they were given the opportunity to ask questions related to this type of event. Most everyone wants to panic and run in an initial event. But we posted the flyers and created a 10 point bulletin so that they could read this in the comfort of their own station or office and learn through demonstration. I felt like we were able to get better buy-in from all involved because of the pre-education that was done a week before and the day before.

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The Great Central U.S. ShakeOut Step 1: Secure it now! Step 2: Make a plan Step 3: Make disaster kits Step 4: Is your place safe? Step 5: Drop, Cover, and Hold On Step 6: Check it out! Step 7: Communicate and recover!