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Stories From The Central U.S. ShakeOut

Tawana Miller
(Emergency Coordinator - Ashley County, Arkansas)

Everyone was prepared and educated on what they needed to do when the exercise began. This was done days before.

When the alarm was sounded off, it was some panicked people. They almost forgot that is was the drill. So we announced to them the drill had started. There was some confusion but over all the ladies remembered to get under the desk with the kids if they could or get in the closet and take cover with the ones who where handicapped. Then we resounded the alarm and we all exited the building and met outside in our groups. We made a sweep through the building making sure everyone had exited, and was not still hiding under the desk or closets or in the bathrooms. We made sure everyone was accounted for.

Then we talked about how we might improve some of the things we saw what we did wrong. Some teachers doubled and tripled checked over themselves in the rooms, closets and bathrooms. We suggested using a coding system on the doors so it will let them know this room has been checked. They need to check other rooms. But over all I think things went well.

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