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Stories From The Central U.S. ShakeOut

Discussion and drill on what to do in an earthquake situation. Drop, Cover and Hold on. Briefed personnel on the importance of checking for gas leaks, downed electrical lines and power outages. Inspected our emergency supplies and equipment for accessibility and functionality. We discussed the things that employees could do at home to improve their preparedness in a real earthquake disaster. We stressed the importance of having a "bug out" kit. Being prepared to take care of yourself and family for a minimum of 72 hours.

Overall our drill was a success!

Improvement Areas: Encourage more participation within our County for next years ShakeOut.

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Did You Know

You can share your story from this year's ShakeOut drill online with others!

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The Great Central U.S. ShakeOut Step 1: Secure it now! Step 2: Make a plan Step 3: Make disaster kits Step 4: Is your place safe? Step 5: Drop, Cover, and Hold On Step 6: Check it out! Step 7: Communicate and recover!