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Stories From The SouthEast ShakeOut

Nancy Engler
(Executive Assistant - Gleaning For The World)

2nd Annual Great SouthEast ShakeOut Debrief
This drill was held on October 17, 2013 at 10:17 AM
Fifteen people participated in our drill. Ten were employees, one was a temporary employee and four were volunteers.
The announcement was made over the public address system at 10:17. Warehouse personnel may not have heard it if forklifts were running in the warehouse, but other employees made sure everyone was alerted.

Staff members that work upstairs were under their desks, the offices were swept. One employee was under his desk with his laptop still working. There was no interference with the walkie-talkies; they worked well. The downstairs hall was checked all offices, bathrooms and conference room were checked. Staff members that were present had taken shelter under desks. Bathrooms were unoccupied. The warehouse was swept and all staff and volunteers had taken shelter. No one was outside.

Notes: Where is the best place to take shelter? It seems safer to be outside, no trees, cars or power lines, etc. There is nothing to fall on you. The plastic tables in the warehouse are not very sturdy. Should we consider using interior “safe rooms” and the conference room to take shelter? What if pallet racking falls?

The all clear was issued at 10:22 AM.

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