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Hermon ShakeOut: The Play

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October 22, 2011, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm, ShakeOut Week event at Fresco's Community Market Parking Lot

Event location:
Fresco's Community Market Parking Lot
5914 Monterey Road
Hermon, CA 90042 (Map)

Contact Person:
Mark Legassie, Northeast LA Disaster Survival Task Force,, 323-895-6275

This ambitious and creative drill will involve community participants of all types, who get to choose from at least 18 different role options to play out, and "where the whole town is the stage". It is based in Hermon, in northeast LA, but will involve players from all surrounding communities. The scenario is an earthquake followed by fire that requires evacuation to a Neighborhood Survival Area. Interested people should pre-register at

Full Description:
This will be a community-wide earthquake & fire evacuation drill where each participant is "the actor, and the whole town is the stage!" The presenting organization, Northeast LA Disaster Survival Task Force, believes this will be the most comprehensive and realistic community-based ShakeOut drill ever conducted. Participants who register will also register a preference of what type of role to fulfill out of 18 possible choices. Participation is FREE, and survival "goodies" will be served in the Neighborhood Survival area after the "evacuation".

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