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MySafe:LA/LAFD Bushnell School ShakeOut Event

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October 20, 2011, 9:30 - 11 am, Presentation at Bushnell Elementary School

Event location:
Bushnell Elementary School
5507 Bushnell Way
Los Angeles, CA 90042 (Map)

Contact Person:
Cameron Barrett, MySafe:LA,, 949-307-4359

MySafe:LA, the LAFD, SoCal Gas, SCEC, CERT-LA and CalTech will conduct a press conference followed by an earthquake drill at Bushnell Elementary School in Los Angeles. Students and teachers will act as victims of a significant earthquake. CERT, LAFD and FEMA members will search, rescue and treat them.

Full Description:
MySafe:LA, the LAFD, SoCal Gas, CERT-LA and CalTech will converge on Bushnell Elementary School in Los Angeles to conduct a two hour drill. After a brief bilingual presentation on earthquake threat and preparedness, students will return to their classrooms. At 10:20 AM, along with the rest of the state of California, students will drop, cover and hold on during the simulated earthquake.

In the 40 minutes following the earthquake, Bushnell Elementary School will become the scene of simulated evacuations, and trapped and missing disaster victims. The fire department will respond to emergency calls from the school, bringing heavy rescue and US&R apparatus as well as FEMA search dogs and handlers.

0900hrs — Command Post is established on site at Bushnell Elementary School - 5507 Bushnell Way, LA
0930hrs — Presentation on earthquake readiness by MySafe:LA  (includes Spanish presentation)
1010hrs — Students to their classrooms
1020hrs — Drop, Cover, & Hold On drill (in alignment with the Great Shakeout)
1022hrs — All students evacuate to playground, per policy (involves all teachers and LAUSD evac plan)
1025hrs — call for "help" comes from two (2) classrooms
1030hrs — CERT team rescues classroom one, and treats minor "injuries"
1035hrs — LAFD (12s) rescues classroom two, and treats multiple "injuries" (w/additional resources)
10:45hrs – LAFD K9 dog performs a search for a missing student
1055hrs — Drill is complete

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