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Stories From The California ShakeOut

2013 Great California ShakeOut Summary

Californians must be better prepared for major earthquakes, so for the fourth year Hologic Santa Clara participated in The Great California ShakeOut.

To prepare for our drill, the Hologic Santa Clara Safety Committee put flyers in all employee cubes and offices reminding them to:
Immediately DROP to the ground, take COVER by getting under a sturdy table or desk, and HOLD ON until the shaking stops in the event of an earthquake.

In the two weeks prior to the drill, the committee emailed links to online resources and as well as some YouTube films. These teach employees about earthquake safety and preparedness.

Our Drill at 10:17 AM:
All Employees:
An air horn will sound at 10:20 am signaling that the drill has begun.
Immediately DROP to the ground, take COVER by getting under a sturdy table or desk, and HOLD ON until the shaking stops.
The drill will last one minute and an air horn will sound a second time when the earthquake has ended. Remember to face away from windows or mirrors and DO NOT leave the building during an earthquake.

After the earthquake ends be sure to take a headcount. If you have an injured person, make them as comfortable as possible and report any injuries to the Safety Officers. Our Safety Officers are Bobby Dheri, Sue Hatch, Deanna Tone, Veronica Nemmer, Dave Lee and Boris Polissky.

Safety Officers:
Each has been assigned a quadrant of the building to access injuries and report any fires, smoke, ruptured pipes or any other damage that requires immediate attention to the Fire/Safety Director at the Command Center. The Safety Officers are all trained in First Aid and CPR and will have Walkie Talkies available to report to the Command Center.

Fire/Safety Director:
The Fire/Safety Director is Deanna Tone and must establish a safe place within the building to set up a Command Center. This most likely will be in the hallway in front of the reception area. Overall supervision of the earthquake response will be coordinated from the Command Center. Damage and injuries must be reported immediately to the Command Center. The Fire/Safety Director will designate a person to go to the main entrance of the building to await the arrival of any Paramedics, Fire or Police personnel. Upon arrival of the Police or Fire Department personnel, the ranking officer will then take charge of the situation and all employees are to follow their direction.

After our Drill, all employees met at the Command Center. We had snacks and congratulated everyone on surviving the Shake Out! We made this important awareness event fun for everyone and will continue to participate every year in this statewide drill.

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