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City of Jonesboro, AR Response & Recovery Exercise

February 7, 2013, 10:15 - 11:15 am, Drill at Public Works Department

Event location:
Public Works Department
2650 Lacy Dr.
Jonesboro, AR 72401 (Map)

Event Contact:
911 Director Jeff L. Presley, City of Jonesboro,, 870-933-4694

Mobile command setup,switching to backup radio. Scene security by Jonesboro Police.

search and resuce drill by Jonesboro Fire.

Full Description:
City of Jonesboro Shake-out Drill will take place at the Public works building on Lacy Drive.
Beginning at 10:15AM FEB-7 2013- Jonesboro E911 mobile command will arrive on the scene with units from JPD &JFD.

Drill for Jonesboro Police & Fire : Check for damage & scene security
Fire. If possible, put out small fires in your home or neighborhood immediately. Call for help, but don't wait for the fire department.
Gas Leaks. Shut off the main gas valve only if you suspect a leak because of broken pipes or the odor or sound of leaking natural gas. Don't turn it back on yourself - wait for the gas company to check for leaks. The phone book has detailed information on this topic.
Damaged Electrical Wiring. Shut off power at the main breaker switch if there is any damage to your house wiring. Leave the power off until the damage is repaired.
Broken Lights and Appliances. Unplug these as they could start fires when electricity is restored.
Downed Power Lines. If you see downed power lines, consider them energized and stay well away from them. Keep others away from them. Never touch downed power lines or any objects in contact with them.
Fallen Items. Beware of items tumbling off shelves when you open closet and cupboard doors.
Spills. Use extreme caution. Clean up any spilled medicines, drugs, or other non-toxic substances. Potentially harmful materials such as bleach, lye, garden chemicals, and gasoline or other petroleum products should be isolated or covered with an absorbent such as dirt or cat litter. When in doubt, leave your home.
Damaged Masonry. Stay away from chimneys and walls made of brick or block. They may be weakened and could topple during aftershocks. Don't use a fireplace with a damaged chimney. It could start a fire or let poisonous gases into your home.

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