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News and Events

Official ShakeOut Region News & Events:

This page provides a list of news articles, media advisories, ShakeOut events, participant email updates, and more, related to ShakeOut participation in areas that are not within Official ShakeOut Regions.

Media Contacts:


ShakeOut Global Media Page

Main resource page for print, online, radio, and tv media.

  • Scripts for PSAs and drill broadcasts
  • Story Angles and Examples
  • ShakeOut Graphics
  • ShakeOut Videos (Earthquake Safety, Drill Broadcasts)
  • Ways to find ShakeOut Media Venues


Recent news articles about the ShakeOut will be listed here soon

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Events that inform the public about preparedness and the ShakeOut will be listed on our calendar.

Calendar of ShakeOut-Related Events

Add your event to the ShakeOut Calendar (states and countries that are not in Official ShakeOut Regions)

(Participants in ShakeOut Regions: Use the pull-down menu above to select your region's News and Events page in order to add events to your region's calendar)


Updates e-mailed to participants and others with the latest ShakeOut news, preparedness tips, and more will be listed here soon

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