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Stories From The Utah ShakeOut

After talking about Duck, Cover and hold on for several days... it turned out to be a complete surprise to me and the children as we were just going through are regular day and my alarm went off on my phone stating we were having an earthquake...Well all of the older kids went under the kitchen table and were holding on as I undid the straps and grabbed the 11 month old baby out of the highchair and put her under the table to...the four month old I covered with my body since she was still strapped into the highchair for another minute...which of course was just about the dumbest thing I could have done if things were really falling and I was killed...then who would have taken care of the remaining seven children under the age of five? Looking back has been very good for me because I could have just slipped the highchair under the table with the baby still strapped in with me and both of us could have been kept safe from falling debris...

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