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ShakeOut Media Advisories

2019 ShakeOut Media Advisories
10/15/2019: Great ShakeOut – 45 States, Territories at Risk for Earthquakes
10/14/2019: Millions Worldwide to Participate in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills
2018 ShakeOut Media Advisories
10/17/2018: Millions Worldwide To Participate In 2018 Great Shakeout Earthquake Drills
10/08/2018: ShakeOut Media Messaging, Tools, and Events to Inspire Participation and Promote Earthquake Preparedness
2017 ShakeOut Media Advisories
10/10/2017: How Radio and TV Stations Can Support Nationwide Participation in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills
09/28/2017: Recent Earthquakes and Tsunamis: Gathering, Understanding, and Sharing Information with the USGS and NOAA Websites
2016 ShakeOut Media Advisories
10/13/2016: Millions Worldwide Participate In 2016 Great Shakeout Earthquake Drills
10/11/2016: Broadcasters Support Nationwide Participation in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills
09/19/2016: Nation Prepares in September and Gets Ready to ShakeOut
09/01/2016: USGS: September is National Preparedness Month
09/01/2016: FEMA: September is National Preparedness Month
2015 ShakeOut Media Advisories
09/10/2015: FEMA Encourages Participation in Oct 15 Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills (Release)
2012 ShakeOut Media Advisories
10/16/2012: FEMA Urges National Participation in ShakeOut on 10/18
10/11/2012: What Will You Do If an Earthquake Hits?
2011 ShakeOut Media Advisories
10/18/2011: Drop! Cover! Hold On! 'ShakeOut' Earthquake Drills to Take Place This Week
ShakeOut Media Advisories
10/18/2011: 'Drop,Cover and Hold On!': The Great Guam Shakeout is TOMORROW
10/05/2011: ”Drop, Cover, and Hold On' in the Great Gruam ShakeOut
10/04/2011: Get Ready for the 'Great Guam Shakeout', 3 Weeks Away
10/19/2010: The Great Guam ShakeOut: Earthquake Preparedness Drill Thursday
10/19/2010: DROP. COVER. HOLD.

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