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ShakeOut News

06/07/2022: A mega-tsunami in the Pacific north-west? It could be worse than predicted, study says (The Guardian)
06/03/2022: Trained Rats to Be Sent Into Earthquake Debris Wearing Tiny Backpacks With Microphones (Newsweek)
05/24/2022: Earthquake researchers hope artificial intelligence could lead to prediction breakthrough (KTLA)
05/19/2022: Deep-sea internet cables could help sense distant earthquake rumbles (PopSci)
05/11/2022: Gravity signals could detect earthquakes at the speed of light (
05/10/2022: Ancient Chile quake upended coastal Atacama communities (Temblor)
05/09/2022: NASA’s InSight Records Monster Quake on Mars (JPL News)
04/28/2022: Mexico City’s urban noise reveals the sinking metropolis’ changing seismic hazard (Temblor)
04/26/2022: Self-driving cars and earthquakes have more in common than you’d think (Temblor)
04/19/2022: A quiet section of the San Andreas once had big quakes (Temblor)
03/19/2022: ‘Triplet’ earthquakes strike near Tohoku, Japan, but a rupture gap remains (Temblor)
03/11/2022: Israel to get earthquake early warnings (Temblor)
03/01/2022: Shallow waters trap “silent” tsunamis from volcanic landslides (Temblor)
02/28/2022: A slow-motion section of the San Andreas fault may not be so harmless after all (Science Daily)
02/11/2022: Invisible' earthquake caused mysterious 2021 tsunami, scientists find (Live Science)
02/04/2022: Shaking up earthquake research at MIT (MIT News)
01/20/2022: Tsunami Survey: Share Your Experience (CGS)
01/20/2022: Tonga faces 'unprecedented disaster' as New Zealand warns of further eruptions and tsunami risk (CNN)
01/18/2022: Tonga tsunami: Before and after eruption (BBC)
01/17/2022: Minimal Damage in Southern California After Tsunami Advisory in the West (LA Times)
01/16/2022: Tsunami swell triggered by undersea volcanic eruption damages docks, sets boats adrift in SoCal (ABC7)
01/15/2022: Pacific Tsunami Update: Waves Surge Onto Bay Area Beaches Following Huge Tonga Volcano Blast (CBS SF)
11/08/2021: Newly identified fault in Seal Beach, CA, quietly rattles beneath the city (Temblor)
11/05/2021: On World Tsunami Awareness Day 2021, UN calls for increased understanding of threat, risk reduction (Hindustan Times)
11/05/2021: The Coachella Valley's earthquake risk is higher than we thought, so be prepared (Desert Sun)
11/04/2021: Acapulco earthquake struck the edge of a seismic gap (Temblor)
11/04/2021: Stay one step ahead of earthquakes (ExBulletin)
11/01/2021: Some New Zealanders are hesitant to retrofit homes. Researchers asked why. (Temblor)
10/28/2021: Woodland students participate in earthquake and evacuation drills (Daily Democrat)
10/28/2021: Video: Great ShakeOut drill tests new earthquake early warning system (University of Washington)
10/28/2021: Texas Earthquakes: Not Uncommon, But Rarely Damaging (Texas A&M Today)
10/27/2021: Students join in ‘Great Oregon Shakeout’ (Wallowa County Chieftain)
10/27/2021: What is the seismic risk of the Cascadia Subduction Zone and earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest? (Clark County Today)
10/27/2021: Don’t Freak Out, ShakeOut (Scoop)
10/25/2021: An Earthquake Early Warning System for Alaska Could Save Lives and Reduce Property Damage (The Anchorage Press)
10/24/2021: ShakeOut helps to promote tsunami safety (Times Standard)
10/22/2021: Cal OES Reminds Californians to be Prepared in Annual ShakeOut Drill (Cal OES News)
10/22/2021: Get Ready for International ShakeOut Day (Maine DOE Newsroom)
10/21/2021: Californians "Get Ready to ShakeOut" this Thursday, October 21! (PR Newswire)
10/21/2021: Global earthquake safety movement "ShakeOut" includes more than 30 million participants in 2021 (PR Newswire)
10/21/2021: Is ‘drop, cover and hold on’ the best advice in a major Pacific Northwest earthquake? (The Oregonian)
10/21/2021: Living through the Loma Prieta earthquake (Temblor)
10/21/2021: ‘Drop, cover, hold on!’ Stanwood kids hear new alarms in quake drill (HeraldNet: Everett, Washington)
10/21/2021: Global earthquake safety movement “ShakeOut” includes more than 30 million participants in 2021 (AP News)
10/21/2021: A major California earthquake would cut off your cell service, experts say (FOX San Diego)
10/21/2021: Great California ShakeOut: LA Metro unveils earthquake early warning system (ABC Los Angeles)
10/21/2021: Earthquake ready? It’s the Great Oregon Shakeout (CBS Portland)
10/21/2021: What is The Great ShakeOut and why did 7 million people in California do it? (Independent)
10/21/2021: Great CA Shakeout: Is Claremont and La Verne Earthquake Ready? (Patch)
10/21/2021: Drop, cover and hold on: The Great Washington ShakeOut happening Thursday morning (Fox 13)
10/21/2021: The Great Washington ShakeOut: What to know about Thursday’s earthquake drill (K5)
10/21/2021: Great ShakeOut shows disaster preparedness goes beyond pandemics (Lake Oswego Review)
10/21/2021: Global earthquake safety movement "ShakeOut" includes more than 30 million participants in 2021 (WDTV)
10/21/2021: The California ShakeOut is just a drill. Are you ready for a real earthquake? (The Los Angeles Times)
10/20/2021: North Carolina Students to Participate in “Shake Out, Don’t Freak Out” Earthquake Drill on Oct. 21st (Asheville)
10/20/2021: San Gabriel Valley residents invited to prepare for Great Earthquake shaking drill – Whittier Daily News (Ex Bulletin)
10/20/2021: Residents encouraged to participate in ShakeOut earthquake preparedness day (Santa Monica Dailiy Press)
10/20/2021: Be ready for a Cascadia subduction zone earthquake: Build your preparedness kit in 24 weeks (Statesman Journal)
10/20/2021: Drop, Cover and Hold: Know how to protect yourself in an earthquake? A drill is coming (Idaho Statesman)
10/20/2021: USVI Holding Territorywide Earthquake Drill Thursday Morning (St Thomas Source)
10/20/2021: Utah 'vastly underprepared' for major earthquake (Yahoo)
10/20/2021: Over 50,000 Idahoans Expected to Participate in Thursday Earthquake Drill (Big Country News)
10/20/2021: ShakeOut 2021 Scheduled For Thursday (CBSLA)
10/20/2021: Coffee Table - Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and You (KBBI)
10/19/2021: Great ShakeOut shows disaster preparedness goes beyond pandemics (The Bulletin)
10/19/2021: Napa County Government: The 2021 Great California Shakeout Earthquake Drill Is October 21 (Patch)
10/18/2021: Wyoming residents encouraged to register for ShakeOut earthquake drill (Wyoming Tribune Eagle)
10/18/2021: Drill designed to promote earthquake safety (My Journal Courier)
10/18/2021: Montecito Fire and Emergency Response wants community to prepare for the "Great ShakeOut" (KSBY)
10/18/2021: The Great California ShakeOut (CSU Channel Islands)
10/18/2021: How to register for this week's 'ShakeOut' earthquake drill (KMOV)
10/18/2021: Americans Prepare for Major Earthquake Event on October 21 (WeatherBoy)
10/18/2021: Get Earthquake Ready: Join the Annual Shakeout Drill on Oct. 21 (FEMA)
10/18/2021: Earthquakes are rare in Illinois, but the state still wants you to do an earthquake drill this week (Fox32)
10/18/2021: Earthquake Preparedness: Oregon ShakeOut (The Chronicle)
10/17/2021: Tennesseans Make Earthquake Preparedness a Priority with Annual Great Central U.S. ShakeOut (WGNS Radio)
10/17/2021: Emergency alert systems including tsunami sirens to be activated Thursday (WhatCom-News)
10/17/2021: Drop, cover and hold on! The Great Shakeout is almost here (OC Register)
10/17/2021: Mo. Insurance Dept.: The 'Great Central U.S. Shakeout' is a Timely Reminder for Missourians to Think About Their Readiness to Recover (MO Department of Insurance)
10/17/2021: Seismological lab uses Great Nevada ShakeOut drill to help Nevadans learn, prepare for earthquakes (Carson Now)
10/17/2021: Breakdown: Why the Mississippi River once flowed backwards (Action 5 News)
10/17/2021: Around Town: How community members can prepare for an earthquake (UCLA Newsroom)
10/16/2021: Our View: Best be prepared for if the ground's shakin' (Index Journal)
10/16/2021: Great Nevada ShakeOut earthquake drill scheduled for Oct. 21 (This is Reno)
10/16/2021: Long Beach shakes out next week, ready for next earthquake (Grunion)
10/16/2021: The Great ShakeOut: Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group (RCTWG)
10/15/2021: Oct 21: Refresh your earthquake preparedness with the ‘ShakeOut!’ (UCLA Newsroom)
10/15/2021: Great ShakeOut drill in Kentucky Oct. 21 (AM News)
10/15/2021: Volcano Watch: Large Earthquake reminds us to ‘Drop, Cover, and Hold On’ (Big Island Now)
10/15/2021: Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance (Nevada Today)
10/14/2021: Sixth Annual Great Clallam County Shakeout set for October 21 (Forks Forum (WA))
10/14/2021: Long Beach Community Stays Prepared with Great ShakeOut (City of Long Beach)
10/14/2021: University taking part in Great Nevada ShakeOut public earthquake drill (Nevada Today)
10/14/2021: ShakeOut 2021: Earthquake Awareness Enables Community Preparedness (USGS)
10/14/2021: Final Push: Register Now To Participate In The World’s Largest Earthquake Drill (River Bender)
10/14/2021: The Great Southeast ShakeOut Earthquake Drill (Tidelines)
10/13/2021: UO prepares for this year’s Great Oregon Shakeout drill (News Break)
10/13/2021: ShakeOut 2021: Earthquake Awareness Enables Community Preparedness (HS Today)
10/13/2021: Oregon Preps for Great Oregon ShakeOut Drill (The Advocate)
10/13/2021: Merrimac Fire Department Encourages Residents to Hold Earthquake Drill on International ShakeOut Day (JGPR)
10/13/2021: Drop, Cover, and Hold On: What To Know about Earthquakes in the Bay Area (The Pioneer)
10/13/2021: Tsunami alarm system to sound across the state October 21 (The Northern Light)
10/12/2021: The Great ShakeOut Returns On 10/21 At 10:21am (KXRO News Radio)
10/12/2021: SBCUSD To Participate In California’s 2021 Great Shakeout (The San Bernardino American)
10/12/2021: BART to participate in Great California ShakeOut 2021 on October 21 (BART News)
10/12/2021: City Plans Great Annual Shakeout Drill (Canyon News)
10/11/2021: Great Hawaii ShakeOut part of national earthquake readiness drill (KHON2)
10/11/2021: The Great California ShakeOut (UCSD)
10/11/2021: Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills Scheduled for Thursday, october 21 (MSEMA)
10/06/2021: Great ShakeOut celebrates 10th anniversary in Washington (News Break)
10/06/2021: How Technology is Changing Seismic Retrofitting (
10/06/2021: We’re constantly working to preserve and maintain our bridges to withstand the test of time. (News Break)
10/06/2021: Influence of normal tide and the Great Tsunami as recorded through hourly-resolution micro-analysis of a mussel shell (Nature)
10/06/2021: Prepare for earthquakes with annual Great ShakeOut (Sequim Gazette)
10/05/2021: Redlands prepares for annual California ShakeOut (Redlands Community News)
10/01/2021: TsuInfo Newsletter October 2021 (National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program)
09/30/2021: Earthquake Retrofitting Los Angeles Homes: Is It Worth It? (CRMP)
09/29/2021: UCSF Seismic Safety Review Finds Most Buildings Earthquake Resilient (UCSF News)
09/27/2021: Drop, Cover, And Hold; It's Almost Time For the Great Oregon ShakeOut (KLCC)
09/26/2021: Hawaii Dept of Defense supports emergency response, veterans services, at-risk youth (KITV)
09/24/2021: Earthquake Early Warning System Now Active In Oregon (Oregon Herald)
09/23/2021: MyShake App: Take Cover Before The Ground Shakes (Cal OES News)
09/23/2021: Shake It Up: Local Governments and Earthquake Preparedness (MRSC)
09/22/2021: National Preparedness Month week 4 - teach youth about preparedness (Washington County News)
09/18/2021: How Hope, Fear and Misinformation Led Thousands of Haitians to the U.S. Border (NY Times)
09/15/2021: New Supplementary Retrofit Grants Coming Soon To Underserved Neighborhoods (CRMP)
09/15/2021: WSSPC September 2021 Bulletin (WSSPC)
09/09/2021: Hunger spikes in Haiti following deadly earthquake (United Nations)
09/09/2021: Complex needs of earthquake survivors require continued specialised care (Relief Web)
09/09/2021: ‘I don’t see my mum’: Haiti’s earthquake leaves new generation of orphans (The Guardian)
09/08/2021: Recent earthquakes have homeowners looking for new insurance plans (CBS7)
09/07/2021: Essential Earthquake Safety Tips (Cal OES News)
09/07/2021: IRIS Teachable Moment, M7.0 Mexico Earthquake (09/07/2021) (IRIS)
09/01/2021: How to prepare for a disaster if you live with a disability (LA Times)
08/25/2021: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - August 2021 (WA DNR)
08/25/2021: Can a tsunami happen in Southern California? What should you do about it? (LA Times)
08/25/2021: How to prepare for an earthquake or other disaster on a budget (LA Times)
08/16/2021: IRIS Teachable Moment, M7.2 Haiti Earthquake (08/14/2021) (IRIS)
08/03/2021: CREW August 2021 Newsletter (CREW)
07/30/2021: Improving Earthquake Simulation Modelling That May Save Lives (Intel)
07/16/2021: Order from Chaos: A Statistical Approach to Predicting Tsunami Debris Flow (Design Safe)
07/15/2021: July 2021 NHERI Newsletter (NHERI)
07/07/2021: WSSPC Summer 2021 Newsletter (WSSPC)
07/02/2021: Webinar: Safer Buildings, Stronger Communities: A Road Map to Action for Earthquake Country (EERI)
06/30/2021: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - June 2021 (WA DNR)
06/22/2021: What causes earthquake foreshocks? (
06/22/2021: An Earthquake in Japan Speaks to a Sea Wall in San Francisco (NY Times)
06/21/2021: NASA Balloon Detects California Earthquake – Next Stop Venus? (Science Springs)
06/07/2021: WSSPC June 2021 Bulletin (WSSPC)
05/10/2021: Earthquake early warning system uses AI to predict shaking (Live Science)
05/09/2021: Volume Collapse: Engineering Professor Solves Deep Earthquake Mystery (SciTech Daily)
05/07/2021: Was a humongous Cascadia earthquake just one of many? (Live Science)
05/07/2021: What To Pack In An Earthquake Emergency Kit (CBS Sacramento)
05/06/2021: Recent large Japan quakes are aftershocks of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake (Temblor)
05/05/2021: CREW May 2021 Newsletter (CREW)
05/05/2021: WSSPC May 2021 Bulletin (WSSPC)
05/04/2021: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - April 2021 (WA DNR)
05/04/2021: In major milestone, U.S. earthquake early warning system now covers entire West Coast (LA Times)
05/03/2021: The great Utah shakeout drill helps prepare for the next earthquake (Valley Journals)
05/03/2021: When it comes to earthquakes, size matters but so does the terrain (Mercury News)
05/02/2021: ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system launches in Washington Tuesday (K5)
04/28/2021: Google expands its Android-based earthquake detection system (The Verge)
04/21/2021: Overdue? The future of large earthquakes in California (Temblor)
04/20/2021: Surprising recharacterization of earthquake risk along a strand of the San Andreas (Temblor)
04/14/2021: Earthquakes in Taiwan are linked to seasonal changes in water levels (New Scientist)
04/13/2021: Animated World Map Shows 120 Years Of Earthquakes And Tsunamis (Forbes)
04/13/2021: Deep earthquakes within the Juan de Fuca plate produce few aftershocks (UW News)
04/06/2021: Are You Prepared for an Earthquake? What to Do If You're in Bed and More Advice (ABC Los Angeles)
04/05/2021: L.A. Is Rattled By Series Of Earthquakes, But No Damage Or Injuries Reported (ABC News)
04/05/2021: Series of earthquakes rattle Los Angeles area (ABC News)
03/31/2021: Team prepares for future earthquakes in southeast Missouri (KFVS12)
03/31/2021: 6.5-magnitude earthquake rattled Idaho one year ago today (KTVB7)
03/30/2021: ‘These are different:’ Earthquake sequence in Southern Utah (ABC4)
03/29/2021: ShakeAlert: Washington's earthquake early-warning system to go live May 4 (K5)
03/28/2021: How this ‘earthquake nut’ prompted one Utah school district to make all of its buildings safer (Salt Lake Tribune)
03/24/2021: Weird earthquake reveals hidden mechanism (Penn State News)
03/24/2021: Earthquakes Don’t Plan Ahead, But You Can! (Chicago Crusader)
03/24/2021: L.A.'s biggest quake threat on overlooked part of San Andreas - Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles Times)
03/17/2021: One year later, here's what scientists have learned since magnitude 5.7 earthquake near Magna (Fox 13)
03/12/2021: How we can use lessons learned from devastating Japan earthquake, tsunami to make SoCal safer (Eyewitness News)
03/12/2021: New Zealand sees exotic earthquake sequence (Temblor)
03/12/2021: With ‘big one’ coming, quake alert system launches in Oregon (The North State Journal)
03/12/2021: ShakeAlert earthquake test reached 60% of people who expected to receive it (KIRO 7)
03/11/2021: Fukushima: Japan mourns victims of earthquake and nuclear disaster ten years on (NBC News)
03/11/2021: Learning from Megadisasters: A Decade of Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake (reliefweb)
03/10/2021: Three stories of hope: 10 years on from Japan's triple disaster (The Guardian)
03/10/2021: Disaster preparedness is key, 10 years on from Japan quake and tsunami: UN (reliefweb)
03/04/2021: Tsunami Forecast Model Animation: Japan 2011 (Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (YouTube))
03/02/2021: ShakeAlert provides early earthquake warning (Seattle Pi)
03/01/2021: WSSPC March 2021 Bulletin (WSSPC)
03/01/2021: Dangers still lurk 20 years after Washington's last big earthquake (KHQQ6)
02/28/2021: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - February 2021
02/28/2021: Quake history points to need to prepare now, experts advise (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)
02/28/2021: 20 years ago today: 6.8 Nisqually earthquake rocked Western Washington (Seattle Pi)
02/22/2021: Supercomputer creates over 700,000 years of simulated earthquakes (New York Times)
02/22/2021: ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system comes to Oregon (Cannon Beach Gazette)
02/21/2021: 10 Years After Christchurch Quake, a Hush Where 8,000 Homes Once Stood (New York Times)
02/17/2021: Q&A: ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system arriving in Pacific Northwest (University of Washington News)
02/17/2021: New 'ShakeAlert' earthquake warning system to launch in Washington in May; drill next week (Seattle Pi)
02/16/2021: ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning Delivery for the Pacific Northwest (USGS)
02/15/2021: Supercomputer-developed AI predicts tsunami flooding in real-time on a PC (New Atlas)
02/11/2021: Ten years on, economic growth is faltering in disaster-hit areas (The Japan Times)
02/09/2021: 50 years ago, the Sylmar earthquake shook L.A., and nothing’s been the same since (Los Angeles Times)
02/09/2021: Fifty Years Ago, the Sylmar Earthquake Jolted Southern California (NBC Los Angeles)
02/08/2021: How the 1971 Sylmar earthquake changed the lives of two first responders (Los Angeles Daily News)
02/04/2021: The Disaster that Helped the Nation Prepare for Future Earthquakes: Remembering San Fernando (USGS)
02/03/2021: Sylmar Earthquake Approaches 50th Anniversary (San Fernando Valley Sun)
02/01/2021: WSSPC February 2021 Bulletin (WSSPC)
02/01/2021: February is Earthquake Awareness Month and Tennesseans Should Prioritize Earthquake Preparedness (Tennessee Department of Military)
01/30/2021: February is Earthquake Awareness Month in Missouri, with emphasis on preparedness (Ozark Radio News)
01/29/2021: Updated Tsunami Maps Show New Hazards, Will Be Released On 10-Year Remembrance Of Japan Earthquake (Wild Rivers Outpost)
01/29/2021: Earthquakes: Cascadia anniversary a good reminder to be earthquake ready (The Chief )
01/29/2021: Who’s Sharing? Inconsistent Eyewitness Accounts Can Affect How We Understand Earthquakes (USGS)
01/27/2021: New report charts path toward superior earthquake recovery (Science Daily)
01/25/2021: Earthquake Early Warning Seismometers Expand in National Forests (USGS)
01/25/2021: Simulating 800,000 Years of California Earthquake History to Pinpoint Risks (TACC)
01/24/2021: Opinion: Because disasters don’t wait, our earthquake preparation can’t either (Oregon Live)
01/22/2021: Rare earthquake near Lima captured on ODOT cameras (WHIOTV)
01/20/2021: Small earthquake shakes parts of Southern California (Daily Breeze)
01/19/2021: 27th Anniversary Of Northridge Earthquake Marked Sunday (Patch)
01/18/2021: Stanford AI Technology Detects Hidden Earthquakes – May Provide Warning of Big Quakes (SciTech Daily)
01/15/2021: The Northridge Earthquake anniversary serves as reminder for emergency preparedness (The Signal)
01/12/2021: The Central San Andreas creeps along without a major earthquake (Temblor)
01/08/2021: Here's how Seattleites should prepare for an earthquake (Seattle PI)
01/07/2021: BART extends earthquake monitoring program (Pleasanton Weekly)
12/30/2020: Croatian earthquake causes significant damage (Temblor)
12/29/2020: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - December 2020 (WA DNR)
12/24/2020: ShakeAlertLA Will Stop Sending Earthquake Alerts in 2021, So Now What? (NBC)
12/22/2020: Engineers Accomplish Earthquake Safety Design (IndustryWeek)
12/15/2020: Don't just think about earthquakes, prepare for them (Phys Org)
12/14/2020: When preparing for earthquakes, don’t forget the small ones (Temblor)
12/14/2020: Emergency preparedness series: Earthquakes (The Caregiver)
11/24/2020: Back-to-Back Earthquakes Are a Reminder: Massachusetts Is on Shaky Ground (Boston Magazine)
11/18/2020: Mumbai school events: A virtual lesson to prepare students for natural disasters (Hindustani Times)
11/10/2020: Who Is The California Earthquake Authority? (Forbes)
11/05/2020: Getting ready for the big one (KFROG 95.1)
11/03/2020: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - October 2020 (NTHMP)
10/21/2020: Annual Great California ShakeOut goes virtual (USC Annenberg Media)
10/20/2020: Thousands took part in the SHAKE OUT Drill this past week in Tennessee (WGNS Radio)
10/15/2020: ‘Drop, cover and hold on’: Great California shakeout sends test alert (MSN)
10/15/2020: A ShakeOut focus on resilience (Temblor)
10/14/2020: Last-Minute ShakeOut Tips + Facebook Live Event!
10/14/2020: Hold Your Own Earthquake Drill on International ShakeOut Day this Thursday, October 15 (Cision)
10/14/2020: More than 6.1 million Californians will practice "Drop, Cover, and Hold On" through ShakeOut this Thursday, October 15 (Cision)
10/13/2020: ShakeOut 2020: Staying Safe When the Ground Starts to Rumble (USGS)
10/08/2020: California Edges Closer To The Big One (Forbes)
10/06/2020: Millions participating in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills, adapting for COVID-19 pandemic (Cision)
09/16/2020: Preparing for an earthquake during a pandemic (Temblor)
09/14/2020: Superheated rocks deep underground help explain earthquake patterns (USC News)
09/11/2020: Did Something Burp? It Was an Earthquake (The New York Times)
09/01/2020: WSSPC September 2020 Bulletin (WSSPC)
09/01/2020: ECA Bay Area Online Workshop (Sept. 10) (ECA)
08/31/2020: TsuInfo Alert Newsletter - August 2020 (NTHMP)
08/28/2020: CityTalk:LA en Español - A MySafe:LA Podcast (CityTalk:LA (Podcast))
08/21/2020: Machine learning unearths signature of slow-slip quake origins in seismic data (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
08/13/2020: ECA SoCal Online Workshop (August 26) (ECA)
08/13/2020: ECA's Step 2: Plan to be Safe Webinar (Aug 19) (ECA)
08/11/2020: Earthquake detection and early alerts, now on your Android phone (Google)
08/01/2020: WSSPC August 2020 Bulletin (WSSPC)
07/10/2020: Seismic metamaterial protects buildings from earthquake damage (AIP)
07/08/2020: Why Idaho Hasn't Stopped Shaking Since March 31 (Popular Mechanics)
07/07/2020: Earthquake Research: AI Helps Analyze Huge Amounts of Data (KIT)
07/07/2020: Iceland Earthquake Swarm Hits Over 10,000 Quakes (Newsweek)
07/07/2020: Istanbul districts under dire risk of 7.5-magnitude earthquake (Daily Sabah)
07/04/2020: Puerto Rico Shaken by Two Strong Earthquakes, Aftershocks of a Major Quake in January (The Science Times)
07/03/2020: July 2020: Ridgecrest Earthquake First Anniversary (ECA)
07/03/2020: One of Africa’s fastest-growing cities is not prepared for the earthquake it knows is coming (Quartz Africa)
07/02/2020: Japan debuts new bullet train that can run during an earthquake (American Red Cross)
07/02/2020: Anniversary of Ridgecrest Earthquake is Reminder to Prepare for the Big One (American Red Cross)
07/02/2020: Slow Earthquakes In Cascadia Are Predictable (ScienceBlog)
07/02/2020: Earthquakes trigger landslides. Can landslides also trigger earthquakes? (AAAS)
07/02/2020: Cause of abnormal groundwater rise after large earthquake (
07/02/2020: A typhoon changed earthquake patterns, study shows (
07/01/2020: WSSPC July 2020 Quarterly Newsletter (WSSPC)
06/30/2020: Imaging from 22,000 small earthquakes reveals fault zone intricacies (Temblor)
06/30/2020: One Year After Ridgecrest Earthquake, California Office of Emergency Services Urges Awareness and Planning (GlobeNewswire)
06/29/2020: Secure Your Space Webinar (Free)
06/28/2020: Flag to be used as visual tsunami warning (NHK)
06/28/2020: Learning from earthquakes: It's not Just a research endeavor (Gaxette-Times)
06/26/2020: Tsunamis pose significant hazard to the south eastern and western coasts of Ireland, new study suggests (
06/26/2020: Social Media Helps Reveal Cause of 2018 Indonesian Tsunami (EOS)
06/25/2020: What ancient earthquakes along the Denali fault in Yukon can tell us about what could come (CBC)
06/24/2020: Deadly 85m-high tsunami has lessons for NZ (Star News)
06/23/2020: Major Quake Shakes Southern Mexico, at Least Six Killed (U.S. News)
06/22/2020: Iceland hit by thousands of quakes and threat of volcanic eruption (Deutsche Welle)
06/22/2020: Northland's tsunami sirens confused with fire alarms (NZME)
06/20/2020: NCR’s low-intensity tremors worrisome (Star News)
06/18/2020: Geoscientists Use AI to Figure Out the Cause of California Earthquake Swarm That Lasted for Years (SciTechDaily)
06/17/2020: University of Shizuoka Announces New Study on 2019 Ridgecrest, California, Earthquake Sequence to Encourage Reconfirming Earthquake Preparedness on Regular Basis (Yahoo!)
06/17/2020: Dense sensor network boosts earthquake resilience in Christchurch (CitiesToday)
06/15/2020: Preparing for the “Big One”: Community Earthquake Resilience in Utah and Beyond (UrbanLand)
06/14/2020: Earthquake in Eastern Turkey Kills One, Injures Nine (New York Times)
06/12/2020: Key Earthquake Safety Tips for People with Disabilities (FEMA)
06/11/2020: Scientists detect unexpected widespread structures near Earth's core (
06/10/2020: Earthquakes in Delhi NCR: Capital to get eight more earthquake sensors after multiple minor tremors (Financial Express)
06/10/2020: 5.5 magnitude earthquake felt in Nye County (Pahrump Valley Times)
06/09/2020: Large earthquakes shape landscape at high elevation (
06/09/2020: Earthquakes: How To Minimise Damage (Kashmir Observer)
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06/14/2018: Underwater fiber-optic cables could moonlight as earthquake sensors (Science News Online)
06/13/2018: National Security: National Preparedness Month (ALA In the Know eBulletin)
06/13/2018: Smart ECBS boosts NDRRMC disaster preparedness efforts (SwirlingOverCoffee)
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05/04/2018: Kilauea Volcano Erupts, Spewing Lava and Gases Near Homes in Hawaii (nytimes)
04/17/2018: USGS forecasts 400 fires, 20,000 people trapped in elevators, 400,000 homeless in East Bay earthquake (NY Times)
04/17/2018: San Francisco’s Big Seismic Gamble (NY Times)
04/10/2018: Aftershocks hit Papua New Guinea as it recovers from a remote major earthquake (Random Thoughts)
04/10/2018: USA: Federal funding increase moves ShakeAlert closer to reality (Prevention Web)
04/10/2018: Magnitude 6.2 earthquake rattles Chile (Sify)
04/10/2018: Haiti Records 20 Earthquakes During First Quarter Of This Year (Pride News)
04/09/2018: Wales earthquake is biggest 'onshore UK event' in 10 years (Bismarck Tribune)
04/06/2018: PNG earthquake’s political aftershocks require careful handling (East Asia Forum)
04/05/2018: 6.2 magnitude quake strikes Mindanao in Philippines: USGS (Indian Express)
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04/04/2018: Is the Ring of Fire becoming more active? (Nikkei Asian Review)
04/04/2018: Lori Dengler: April 1, 1946 tsunami no joke (Eureka Times-Standard)
04/03/2018: Mag 5.9 quake shakes El Salvador, but no damage reported (ABC News)
04/03/2018: Powerful 6.8 quake strikes Bolivia: USGS (Business Standard India)
04/03/2018: Modeling future earthquake and tsunami risk in southeast Japan (Innovations Report)
04/03/2018: A giant crack in Kenya opens up, but what's causing it? (CBS News)
04/03/2018: Mexico analyzes seismological footprint with Japanese technology (Notimex)
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03/27/2018: Are You in the Zone? It's Tsunami Preparedness Week in California! (ECA)
03/26/2018: Governor Brown Issues Proclamation Declaring Tsunami Preparedness Week (Cal OES)
03/26/2018: Second Annual Tsunami Preparedness Walk and Resource Fair Helps Residents Prepare for Future Disasters (LB Post)
03/26/2018: Seal Beach to participate in 2018 National Tsunami Preparedness Week (Orange County Breeze)
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03/23/2018: Officials to test tsunami warning system in Central and Southern California during Tsunami Preparedness Week (NOAA)
03/23/2018: Tsunami Warning Communications Test (North Coast): Del Norte, Humboldt, and Mendocino Counties (NOAA)
03/20/2018: Candles on the Sand (Santa Monica Mirror)
03/14/2018: Register for the "Webinar on Tsunamis" This Tuesday!
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02/17/2018: 7.2 quake damages 50 homes, but Mexico avoids major destruction (
02/17/2018: Helicopter Assessing Earthquake Damage Crashes In Mexico, Killing 13 (
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02/06/2018: 2 dead, 198 injured after 6.4-magnitude quake off Taiwan (
02/06/2018: M6.4 Taiwan temblor leaves at least two dead, topples hotel: premier (
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02/05/2018: Weak Hydrogen Bonds Key to Strong, Tough Infrastructure (
02/05/2018: Lava fountains, rumbling, earthquakes continue at Mayon (
02/05/2018: Hualien quakes sign that Taiwan has entered 100-year earthquake cycle: Researcher (
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11/01/2016: BIG Earthquake/Tsunami Event Is Now Possible Out There In The Pacific!!!!! A 5.9 Struck on Tuesday AND One Could Be Much Bigger!!! Be Watching!!! (
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10/18/2013: 「蹲下、掩護、穩住」 卑詩地震演習 (世界新聞網-北美華文新聞、華商資訊)
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10/17/2013: Earthquake Preparedness Tips for Property Owners (Interiors And Sources)
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10/17/2013: 洛马普列塔地震纪念日 旧金山小学训练避难 (大紀元)
10/17/2013: 全球最大地震演習 近千萬加州人參與 (04:20) (Oriental Daily WAP)
10/17/2013: Your City Might Not Be Ready for the Next Big Quake (Time Magazine (Europe))
10/17/2013: 近70萬人參與 卑詩舉行地震大演習 (环球华网加拿大)
10/17/2013: 近70万人参与 卑诗举行地震大演习 (环球华网)
10/17/2013: 全球最大规模地震演习 近2500万人参与 (中化新网)
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