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ShakeOut News for San Francisco County

07/19/2017: Earthquake physics on multiple scales (
07/19/2017: Why Indian scientists think drilling into the side of a mountain will help explain earthquakes (
07/19/2017: 5.1 earthquake recorded north of T&T (
07/19/2017: India Identifies Earthquake Prone Cities (
07/18/2017: Strong earthquake shakes Russia's Kamchatka (
07/18/2017: Strong earthquake strikes off Peru, no tsunami risk seen (
07/18/2017: Strong Earthquake in the North Pacific (
07/17/2017: Earthquake rocks Sydney coast (
07/17/2017: Magnitude-7.7 earthquake hits off Russia, tsunami alert issued (
07/17/2017: 7.7 magnitude earthquake hits off Russia, tsunami warning issued (
07/14/2017: How safe are Cebu_s buildings if an earthquake strikes (
07/14/2017: Earthquake rocks Spanish town killingsix people (
07/11/2017: Strong quake strikes off... (
07/11/2017: New Zealand hit by earthquake on South Island (
07/11/2017: Strong and shallow M6.4 earthquake hits off Snare's Island, New Zealand (
07/10/2017: At least two killed, scores injured as powerful shallow 6.5 earthquake strikes Leyte, Philippines (
07/10/2017: Fresh shallow 5.9-magnitude earthquake rocks Leyte, Philippines (
07/10/2017: 5.4-magnitude aftershock jolts Ormoc (
07/10/2017: Quake aftershock: Tremor rattles Visayas (
07/09/2017: 5.9-magnitude quake jolts Philippines (
07/08/2017: Double Standards: EU Greenlights French NPP in Turkey But Tries to Stop Russia's (
07/08/2017: Medium intensity quake hits India-Pakistan border region in J-K (
07/06/2017: Seismicwave (
07/06/2017: The Origin of Earthquakes: How Strike-Slip Faults Form (
07/06/2017: Philippine quake damages power plant, causes landslides (
07/05/2017: Satellites reveal melting of rocks under volcanic zone, deep in Earth_s mantle (
07/05/2017: The Forgotten Documents of a 1918 Tsunami in Puerto Rico (
07/04/2017: Pope Francis donates 50,000 euros to Greek island struck by earthquake (
07/03/2017: Earthquake recorded off Shetland was largest in UK for nine years (
07/02/2017: 5.1 Richter scale earthquake hits eastern Nepal (
07/02/2017: Meet the Drone Squad That Wants to Catch Rockslides Before They Happen (
06/30/2017: GeoTremor Earthquake Alert Pro (
06/30/2017: Magnitude 4.7 quake jolts Ilocos (
06/30/2017: Race against time to prepare for massive Tokyo quake (
06/30/2017: Five injured after earthquake of 6.0 magnitude strikes off Ecuador coast (
06/29/2017: Two blasts off of Turkey's �anakkale trigger earthquake panic (
06/28/2017: Distant Earthquakes Can Cause Underwater Landslides (
06/28/2017: Sen. Bam: More work needed to reduce casualties during earthquakes (
06/26/2017: Earthquake in Greenland triggers fatal landslide-induced tsunami (
06/26/2017: U.S. earthquakes estimated to cost US$6.1 billion annually in building stock losses (
06/26/2017: Record-Setting Seismic Simulations Run on NERSC_s Cori System (
06/25/2017: Strong earthquake injures two, knocks off roof tiles in Japan (
06/25/2017: Scores missing in massive China landslide; 10 bodies found (
06/25/2017: Two earthquakes in one day (
06/25/2017: 5.5 mag earthquake in Fiji region (
06/25/2017: No Injuries Reported In Northeast Afghan Earthquake (
06/25/2017: 5.4-magnitude earthquake hits Afghanistan (
06/24/2017: When Disaster Strikes, There May Not Be an App for That: (
06/24/2017: What we have learnt about Bhutan earthquakes in recent years (
06/24/2017: 5.8 Magnitude earthquake hits Beira and Dondo, replicas reported in ... (
06/24/2017: EarthQuake Tracker for Windows 10 (
06/24/2017: Earthquake hits central Mozambique (
06/23/2017: Magnitude 3.5 earthquake jolts southern Kyrgyzstan (
06/23/2017: Emergency quick response in PH to get a boost (
06/23/2017: Scientists prepare to probe subduction zone (
06/22/2017: Powerful Earthquake Shakes Guatemala, El Salvado (
06/20/2017: Earthquake in Greenland Triggers Fatal Tsunami (
06/19/2017: AIR updates U.S. earthquake risk model, including tsunami risk (
06/18/2017: Earthquake Unit's ability to monitor seismic activity boosted (
06/17/2017: Prevention is better (
06/16/2017: Gautemala earthquake kills 5, injures 7, causes landslides (
06/15/2017: Mexico earthquake: Magnitude 6.9 seismic tremor hits Pacific coast at Guatemala border (
06/14/2017: Seafloor speading (
06/14/2017: Bridge built to stand the test of time (
06/12/2017: Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes off the coast of western Turkey (
06/10/2017: You_re A Pepper. Your Family_s Not. What Should You Do? (
06/10/2017: Major Earthquake Drill to Take Place This Week (
06/09/2017: How the Roof of the World" Was Built" (
06/07/2017: Seismic CT scan points to rapid uplift of Southern Tibet (
06/06/2017: Scientists Discover Why Rocks Flow Slowly in Earth's Middle Mantle (
06/06/2017: Novel Seismic Software Sheds Light on Earthquake Paths (
06/02/2017: From elevators to trains, earthquake early warning system grows as Trump threatens to kill it (
06/01/2017: Deep and shallow long-period volcanic seismicity linked by fluid-pressure transfer (
05/31/2017: Earthquake Warning System, Tsunami Monitoring, Weather Forecasting on Chopping Block in President_s Budget Proposal (
05/30/2017: Scientists Discover Extra Layer in Earth's Mantle (
05/30/2017: New layer of tectonic plates in Earth's mantle discovered (
05/29/2017: Strong Indonesia earthquake damages buildings, hurts some (
05/26/2017: A new milestone for risk mapping (
05/26/2017: Drilling Deep to Understand Why the Sumatra Earthquake Was so Severe (
05/26/2017: Why the constant earthquakes? Iceland is slowly being torn apart (
05/25/2017: Earthquake Models Continue to Evolve (
05/25/2017: Sediment from Himalayas May Have Made 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake More Severe (
05/24/2017: The birth and death of a tectonic plate (
05/24/2017: Study reveals origins of Juan de Fuca, small but dangerous tectonic plate (
05/19/2017: JpGU-AGU joint meeting research presentation highlights (
05/18/2017: Media Advisory: Earthquake Country Alliance at USGS
05/16/2017: Earth_s Magnetic Field Is about to Flip_and a _Giant Lava Lamp_ in Earth_s Core Is Driving Force (
05/16/2017: Professor Honored for Seismic Safety Contributions (
05/14/2017: What To Do In The Event Of An Earthquake (
05/13/2017: Emergency Preparedness Week takeover ends with this little bit of advice: Practice makes perfect. (
05/08/2017: New Website Represents Major Advance in Tsunami Warning Center Product Dissemination
04/15/2017: ShakeOut Earthquake Drill (
04/15/2017: Prepare athon earthquakes_htg_final_508 (
03/24/2017: Japanese Earthquake Simulators Shake You Out Of Complacency (
02/27/2017: UNDP DRM launches educational game against disasters at UNESCO palace (
02/23/2017: Alberta's emergency task force prepared for disaster (
02/09/2017: Sister city delegation to visit Japan (
02/07/2017: Aceh Determined To Bounce Back From... (
11/01/2016: BIG Earthquake/Tsunami Event Is Now Possible Out There In The Pacific!!!!! A 5.9 Struck on Tuesday AND One Could Be Much Bigger!!! Be Watching!!! (
10/29/2016: Earthquake shake out (
10/25/2016: City staff practices earthquake drill (
10/25/2016: FEMA Encourages Participation in Oct. 20 Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill (
10/25/2016: APTS Commends Public Broadcasting, Emergency Services in Great California ShakeOut (
10/21/2016: Nouveau tremblement de terre au Japon, pas de victimes (
10/21/2016: Students participate in worldwide earthquake drill (
10/21/2016: NEWSALERT-TWITTER - Twitter, Spotify disrupted as internet provider reports attack. (AFP) NSA 10211825 NNNN (
10/20/2016: 5 things you need to know Thursday (
10/20/2016: ShakeOut 2016” le Pide a los Californianos que se Preparen Antes del Próximo Gran Temblor " (
10/18/2016: FEMA: $866 Million in California earthquake, fire risk-reduction grants awarded since Loma Prieta, Oakland-Berkeley Hills Fire (
10/18/2016: FEMA Bulletin Week of October 17, 2016 (
10/17/2016: “Drop, Cover, and Hold On”: Worldwide ShakeOut drill to be held 20 October (
10/17/2016: FEMA: $866 Million in California earthquake, fire risk-reduction grants awarded since Loma Prieta, Oakland-Berkeley Hills Fire (ShakeOut )
10/13/2016: Millions Worldwide Participate In 2016 Great Shakeout Earthquake Drills (ShakeOut )
10/11/2016: Broadcasters Support Nationwide Participation in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills (Press Release) (ShakeOut )
10/03/2016: Are you ready for a major earthquake? What to do before - and during - a big one (
09/28/2016: 10/20 Earthquake Drills (
09/19/2016: Nation Prepares in September and Gets Ready to ShakeOut (ShakeOut )
09/06/2016: The Great Shakeout drill coming to Tulsa following 5.6 magnitude earthquake (KJRH)
09/06/2016: Scientists may have solved mystery of giant Midwest earthquakes (Science Magazine)
09/01/2016: FEMA: September is National Preparedness Month (FEMA)
09/01/2016: USGS: September is National Preparedness Month (USGS)
07/22/2016: Marines join Okinawan exercise to prepare for disasters
07/20/2016: Tokyo jolted by third quake in four days - Breitbart
07/18/2016: Mid-Market Firms Fall Short on Natural Catastrophe Risk Management: Assurex Global
07/17/2016: Ten priority areas identified under NDMP to improve response capacity
05/04/2016: 5 things to avoid if an earthquake strikes (
05/04/2016: 5 things to avoid if an earthquake strikes (AccuWeather Inc.)
04/19/2016: The Latest: Ecuador says death toll from quake jumps to 413 (
04/19/2016: Ecuador counts over 400 quake deaths, damage in the billions (
04/19/2016: Aftershocks Rattle Japan as Deaths From Quakes Rise to 45 (The New York Times)
04/19/2016: Dramatic Rescue Amid Rubble Gives Ecuador Hope for Survivors (The New York Times)
04/19/2016: Preparing for the Big One (Huffington Post)
04/19/2016: More aftershocks feared in wake of Kumamoto quake (
04/19/2016: Japan Earthquake: 'I Thought I Was Going to Die' (The New York Times)
03/30/2016: Earthquake expert Lucy Jones honored by LA City Council (
03/28/2016: 2016 One-Year Seismic Hazard Forecast for the Central and Eastern United States (USGS)
03/07/2016: Documenting Tohoku's long road to recovery (The Japan Times)
01/27/2016: MAN-MADE EARTHQUAKE/TSUNAMI ALERT (JAN 27, 2016): CIA Plotting Apocalyptic Man-Made Earthquake/Tsunami Attack this January—California, Hawaii, Japan, Mexico, New York City & Seattle Most Likely to Suffer Attack (
10/22/2015: Lost in translation: German couple try to flee Dunedin due to quake forecast (The Press)
10/16/2015: The Great ShakeOut (Oman Observer)
06/16/2015: To sway public, scientists need to tell stories (KBIA)
06/15/2015: Businessmen back MMDA’s quake drill (Manila Standard Today)
06/10/2015: How Real Is San Andreas Earthquake Movie? (CIO Today)
06/09/2015: San Andreas for Preppers: 12 Essential Survival Lessons from the Movie (Before It's News)
06/01/2015: What does San Andreas teach us about preparedness? (BellaOnline)
06/01/2015: San Andreas: Separating 5 Facts From Earthquake Fiction (The Huffington Post - Blog)
06/01/2015: How Realistic Is The Disaster Movie San Andreas? (Prudent Reasonable Emergency Preparedness)
05/30/2015: Separating five facts from earthquake fiction in “San Andreas,” the movie (
05/29/2015: How to Establish an Earthquake Preparedness Plan? (Before It's News)
05/29/2015: San Andreas, The Movie: 5 Geology Facts Versus Fictions (Science 2.0)
05/29/2015: UNR lab director separates facts from earthquake fiction in movie 'San Andreas' (Carson Now)
05/29/2015: LOL: The Rock Says Everything In 'San Andreas' Could Totally Happen (LAist)
05/29/2015: In 'San Andreas,' There's Plenty for Quake Experts to Find Fault With (ENR California)
05/29/2015: Separating facts from earthquake fiction in San Andreas, the movie (Civil + Structural Engineer)
05/29/2015: FEMA Uses 'San Andreas' Film Showing to Educate Bay Area People on Earthquake Prep (KGO 810)
05/29/2015: In 'San Andreas,' there's plenty for quake experts to find fault with - LA Times (Los Angeles Times)
05/29/2015: 'San Andreas' filmmakers disregarded science advice, expert says (Los Angeles Times (Premium))
05/29/2015: In 'San Andreas,' there's plenty for quake experts to find fault with (Los Angeles Times (Premium))
05/29/2015: Is 'San Andreas' real? For starters, you can't run in a major quake (Los Angeles Times (Premium))
05/29/2015: The San Andreas movie couldn’t happen, despite what Dwayne Johnson says (Entertainment Wise)
05/28/2015: 'San Andreas' movie has unrealistic science, quake expert says - LA Times (Los Angeles Times)
05/28/2015: Seeing the movie 'San Andreas'? Drop, cover and laugh. - LA Times (Los Angeles Times)
05/28/2015: What Will Really Happen When San Andreas Unleashes the Big One? (Smithsonian)
05/27/2015: Science a bit shaky in earthquake movie 'San Andreas' (
05/27/2015: Scientists say 'San Andreas' is not accurate: Will moviegoers care? (Yahoo! News)
05/27/2015: Epic Fault (Willamette Week)
05/25/2015: Earthquake safety tips: Before, during, after (
05/22/2015: The straight scoop on the real San Andreas (The Santa Clarita Valley Signal)
05/21/2015: Earthquake’s “Triangle of Life” Hoax Debunked by PHIVOLCS (Philnews)
05/20/2015: Disaster preparation keys Building Safety Month (News Tribune)
05/12/2015: Earthquake - Standing on Shaky Ground (Bali Advertiser)
05/05/2015: Be prepared for the big Shakeout (Fairfax Media Digital Edition)
05/01/2015: Earthquake safety at home (The Himalayan Times)
10/19/2014: Facebook Launches Safety Check Feature for Natural Disasters (Mauritius business)
10/16/2014: Damaged National Cathedral Hosts ‘Great ShakeOut’ Earthquake Drill (CBS Baltimore)
10/16/2014: Great Shakeout to Prepare Millions of People for Earthquakes (Claims Journal)
10/16/2014: Millions to Participate in `Great ShakeOut` Earthquake Drill (Yahoo! News)
10/16/2014: Great ShakeOut: 20 million people participate in worldwide earthquake drill (e! Science News)
10/16/2014: Millions to participate in Great ShakeOut earthquake drill (ABC7 News)
10/16/2014: 25 million to join ‘Great Shakeout’ earthquake drill (American Banking & Market News)
10/16/2014: Preparing For Earthquakes With The 'Great ShakeOut' Drill (
10/16/2014: Students participate in Great ShakeOut safety drill (Wmc Tv)
10/16/2014: Global Earthquake Preparedness Day (Q 101.9)
10/16/2014: Washington National Cathedral to host 4th annual 'ShakeOut Earthquake Drill' event (
10/15/2014: Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill is Oct. 16th (Nebraska Radio Network)
10/15/2014: Nebraskans To Prepare For Earthquakes October 16 (1011Now)
10/15/2014: Nebraskans urged to participate in earthquake drill Thursday (KMTV)
10/15/2014: Great ShakeOut getting underway at National Cathedral (Wusa9)
10/15/2014: Earthquake-damaged Washington National Cathedral hosts drill; Millions participate in nationwide earthquake preparedness events (
10/15/2014: Quake-damaged Washington National Cathedral hosts experts as part of national earthquake drill (The Republic (AP))
10/15/2014: American Red Cross urging Oklahomans to participate in earthquake preparedness drill (The Republic (AP))
10/15/2014: Ohioans practice earthquake response, joining millions of participants in regional exercise (The Republic (AP))
10/15/2014: Ohioans practice earthquake response in exercise (
10/15/2014: Drop, Cover and Take A Selfie: Earthquake Drills in the Twitter Age (Web 2.0 News)
10/15/2014: Damaged DC cathedral hosts earthquake drill event (Voice of Alexandria)
10/15/2014: Great Shakeout: Companies practice reaction to earthquakes (The Journal Record)
10/14/2014: Great Shakeout to prepare millions of people for earthquakes (ShakeOut)
10/14/2014: Más de 25.2 millones de personas participarán en simulacro de sismos (
10/12/2014: Nebraskans to Take Part in Earthquake Drill (KFOR 1240am)
10/10/2014: (Neb.)-Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill To Be Held Thursday (
10/09/2014: The likelihood of a California Big One “uncomfortably high”: Experts (Knowledge Bylanes)
09/05/2014: Earthquake Preparedness: Household Precautions for the Big One (Remodelista)
10/24/2013: Greater Manilans need all-out earthquake drills (
10/23/2013: Blair Pointe drops, covers and holds on (Peru Tribune)
10/22/2013: News: JECC participates in largest earthquake exercise ever (DVIDS)
10/21/2013: News: Team Niagara participates in the Great ShakeOut drill (DVIDS)
10/20/2013: West Side schools test earthquake readiness (The Spokesman-Review)
10/19/2013: Global Earthquake Drill a Success (Occupational Health & Safety)
10/18/2013: 「蹲下、掩護、穩住」 卑詩地震演習 (世界新聞網-北美華文新聞、華商資訊)
10/18/2013: 地震大演習 全球千萬人疏散 (世界新聞網-北美華文新聞、華商資訊)
10/18/2013: 全省69萬人演習大地震 (加拿大温哥华中文新闻网 - 星岛日报)
10/18/2013: 美國舉行世界最大規模地震演習 場面逼真(高清組圖) ( / 6) (中國網 - 新聞中心)
10/17/2013: Милиони американци тренират оцеляване при земетресение (
10/17/2013: “Dennis the Menace” Raises Awareness of Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills with Oct. 17 Comic (King Features)
10/17/2013: DRILL Alert – An Earthquake has Occurred in your area (Oct 17,2013) (Before It's News)
10/17/2013: Despite a few earthquakes in Ireland this year, we’re not signed up to earthquake drill today (Yahoo! News UK & Ireland)
10/17/2013: Earthquake Drill Prepares 24M People Around World for Disaster (Newsmax)
10/17/2013: Earthquake Preparedness Tips for Property Owners (Buildings)
10/17/2013: Earthquake Preparedness Tips for Property Owners (Interiors And Sources)
10/17/2013: Millions to Participate in Global Earthquake Drill (
10/17/2013: Four Countries Mobilize for Global Earthquake Drill (
10/17/2013: Millions to take part in global earthquake drill (Yahoo! News)
10/17/2013: 洛马普列塔地震纪念日 旧金山小学训练避难 (大紀元)
10/17/2013: Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill Held Today (Claims Journal)
10/17/2013: 全球最大地震演習 近千萬加州人參與 (04:20) (Oriental Daily WAP)
10/17/2013: Your City Might Not Be Ready for the Next Big Quake (Time Magazine (Europe))
10/17/2013: 近70萬人參與 卑詩舉行地震大演習 (环球华网加拿大)
10/17/2013: 近70万人参与 卑诗举行地震大演习 (环球华网)
10/17/2013: 全球最大规模地震演习 近2500万人参与 (中化新网)
10/16/2013: BOMA ready for world’s biggest earthquake drill (Real Estate Weekly)
10/16/2013: Earthquake drill scheduled for today (
10/16/2013: Millions in California and around the world to participate in annual earthquake drill (The Washington Post)
10/16/2013: Millions To Take Part In Global Earthquake Drill (National Public Radio)
10/14/2013: Great ShakeOut Oct. 17 (The News Guard)
10/13/2013: Triple Threat… (Before It's News)
10/13/2013: Debt Ceiling Deadline Approaches; New Jersey Senate Race Tightens; Red Sox Vs. Tigers ( - Transcripts)
10/10/2013: DROP, COVER and HOLD ON! (The Ismaili)
10/10/2013: The Great ShakeOut drill: Do you know what to do when an earthquake strikes? (The Ismaili)
10/10/2013: Join American Red Cross for Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill - October 17 (FOX 14 TV)
10/10/2013: The Great ShakeOut drill: Do you know what to do when an earthquake strikes? (The Ismaili)
10/10/2013: The Great ShakeOut drill: Do you know what to do when an earthquake strikes? (Global BC)
10/09/2013: Alitalia and the great European airline shakeout (Report on Business - The Globe and Mail)
10/09/2013: Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse? (Truthout)
10/08/2013: Brazil’s Pm Furious Over Spying, Canada Looking Into Matter (Zimbio)
10/08/2013: Is Homeland Security preparing for the next Wall Street collapse? (Intrepid Report)
10/07/2013: Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse? – The Last Desperate Thrashings of a Dinosaur (Before It's News)
10/07/2013: The Great Globalization ShakeOut (A.T. Kearney)
10/07/2013: Is Homeland Security Preparing For The Next Wall Street Collapse? (Before It's News)
10/05/2013: 10/17/13: EQ Drills, NEO’s, Economic Shutdown & More! (Before It's News)
10/01/2013: Great Shake Out: Earthquake Preparedness (The Peoples Voice)
09/17/2013: Earthquake drills – why not take part in the Great ShakeOut? (Industrial Fire Journal - Fire & Rescue)
09/04/2013: USGS: September Is National Preparedness Month (Earth Imaging Journal)
09/03/2013: September: National Preparedness Month (Erosion Control)
08/31/2013: The World: 'ShakeOut' earthquake drills spreading across Japan (AllVoices)
08/30/2013: September is National Preparedness Month (Distributed Energy)
08/25/2013: “Secure Your Space” to Get Ready for the “Great ShakeOut” (PRWeb)
04/22/2013: Quake drill in Himalayan schools proves a big hit (Business Line)
04/21/2013: Quake drill in Himalayan schools a big hit (The Hindu Business Line)
04/04/2013: DAV students make mock earthquake drill a success (Hindustan Times - News)
03/06/2013: Do 1 Thing March: Sheltering (Public Health Matters Blog - CDC Blogs)
10/23/2012: Earthquake preparedness; Global Shakeout campaign (Pamir Times)
10/12/2012: Get Ready to ShakeOut on October 18 (United States Geological Survey (USGS))
10/11/2012: USGS Podcast - ShakeOut Drill: Preparing for Earthquakes (United States Geological Survey (USGS))
11/02/2011: "Drop, Cover and Hold on": AKDN Takes Part in Global Earthquake Preparedness (ReliefWeb)

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