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ShakeOut Social Media


Social media is a quick way to send a message out to your audiences so that they can get tips to prepare to survive and recover from the next damaging earthquake. On this page are links to important accounts to follow and also copy-and-paste content you can use for your social media accounts.

For all still and animated images associated with content, you can right-click and save-as (PC and Mac) or also drag to your desktop (Mac). If on mobile, you can press the image (some devices may require "force touch") and save it to your library. You may also be able to select it and post, tweet, or gram it immediately depending on your device's options.

Message us on any of our official accounts if you need further help with your social media content or want to know about digital events like Reddit fora or TweetChats surrounding ShakeOut.

Thank you for your commitment to sharing the word about ShakeOut! You can always get more messaging resources at

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2. Social Media Content Suggestions

The messaging and accompanying images have been adapted for mostly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Feel free to modify the content to better fit your community.

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