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2024 U.S. Participant Totals on October 19

participants are registered in 2024 Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills within the United States on October 19 (as of 05/30/2024).

2024 participation by category

Childcare and Pre-Schools  
K-12 Schools and Districts  
Colleges and Universities  
Local Government  
State Government  
Federal/National Government (Including Military)  
Hotels and Other Lodgings  
Senior Facilities/Communities  
Disability/AFN Organizations  
Non-Profit Organizations  
Neighborhood Groups  
Preparedness Organizations  
Faith-based Organizations  
Museums, Libraries, Parks, etc.  
Volunteer/Service Clubs  
Youth Organizations  
Animal Shelter/Service Providers  
Agriculture/Livestock Sector  
Volunteer Radio Groups  
Science/Engineering Organizations  
Media Organizations  
2024 participation by U.S. ShakeOut Region



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Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills