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Presentations for leading ShakeOut Drills (Online, In-Person, or Hybrid)

These presentations have been developed for drill leaders to use online (distance learning or remote workers) but also can be used for in-person drills. Download the version for your group, and follow the instructions in the first few slides and in the notes for each slide. Each presentation has optional slides, and multiple versions of for narrating your drill (audio recordings or text you can read). We also have made a version in Spanish, and link to two videos about participating if working or learning from home.

ShakeOut Drill Guidance for Grades K-4
ShakeOut Drill Guidance for Grades 5-12
ShakeOut Drill Guidance for Higher Education
ShakeOut Drill Guidance for All Other Organizations
Orientación de Simulacros para todas las Organizaciones

Great videos from CUSEC about how to get prepared and how to participate if working or learning from home

Virtual Learners: Remote Workers:

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Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills