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ShakeOut Resources

The materials on this page are available to you or your organization to support your participation in the ShakeOut and to promote awareness and preparedness.

Become a ShakeOut Champion! All the tools you'll need to promote your own event.

Invite your friends, family, school, or workplace to join the Great Washington ShakeOut with our Invitation letter

Save the Date Postcards (2023) A print-friendly format that requires cutting into 4 individual postcards

Prepare to survive and recover with the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety!

Washington Earthquake and ShakeOut FAQs All the answers to frequently asked earthquake and shakeout questions

Prepare in a Year Guide One hour of preparedness activity per month to prepare you and your family for disasters!

Why Drop, Cover, and Hold On? Learn more about the do's and don'ts that could save your life

2 Weeks Ready - Emergency Information and kit guide (PDF)

When an Earthquake Strikes (PDF poster in English | Español) Where will you be? What will you do?

Drill Manuals and Other Planning Documents

Powerpoints for leading ShakeOut Drills (Online or In-Person)
For grades K-4, grades 5-12, higher education, and all other organizations; plus a version in Spanish)

ShakeAlert® Tests, Drills and Exercises Toolkit

NEW! ShakeAlert® Tests, Drills and Exercises Toolkit
The US Geological Survey (USGS)-managed ShakeAlert® Earthquake Early Warning System – in collaboration with academic, government, technical, emergency management, and community partners – is committed to educating the public about protective actions that can mitigate harm from earthquake hazards when shaking is expected. To advance this goal, the USGS has developed this ShakeAlert Tests, Drills, and Exercises Toolkit to incorporate earthquake early warning (EEW) into existing training activities including the Great ShakeOut.


ShakeOut Drill Manual for Businesses (PDF)
ShakeOut Drill Manual for Non Profits and Other Organizations (PDF)
Countdown to ShakeOut for Organizations (English | Other Languages)
Benefits to Participating Businesses (PDF)
Earthquake Safety in Stores (English | Other Languages)
Seven Steps to a Resilient Workplace
Disaster Resilient Business Toolkit
QuakeSmart Community Resilience Program

Schools and Childcare

K-12 Schools Drill Planning, Educational, and Preparedness Resources
Earthquake Safety For Parents and Care Providers of Young Children and Infants (English | Other Languages)

Higher Education

Registration Guidelines and Participation Resources for Higher Education Institutions

Museums, Parks, Libraries, and other Free-Choice Learning Institutions

Guidance, coordination, and extensive resources from ShakeAlert®


ShakeOut Drill Manual for Government Agencies and Facilities (PDF)
Options for Government Agency Participation and Outreach (PDF)


ShakeOut Resources for Healthcare Organizations
Includes Suggestions for having your Shakeout participation count towards Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services Emergency Preparedness Rule

People with Disabilities and Other Access or Functional Needs

Earthquake Country Alliance documents, videos, and graphics for Seniors and People with Disabilities


Prepare to survive and recover with the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety
Protect yourself during an earthquake: Drop, Cover, and Hold On!
Recommended Earthquake Safety Actions (including situations when you cannot get beneath a table) (English | Other Languages)
Ready Campaign Earthquakes Page

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Multimedia - GIFS and Videos

Animated GIFs for spreading the word about disaster preparedness!

Earthquake Safety Video Series Learn how you can stay safe from shaking in a variety of situations. (YouTube, captions in English, Spanish, and French)

ShakeOut Drill Audio Recording with ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning (Streaming - No Download necessary)

More Audio and Video "Drill Broadcast" recordings created to provide instructions during your Drop, Cover, Hold On drill.

Washington-specific earthquake safety and preparedness videos

See the Messaging page for more content.

Custom Flyers for each Category (PDF files)

Generic flyer for all categories

Posters | Flyers

Download these PDF files that can be printed at 8.5x11 as flyers, or printed larger as posters.

Get Ready poster thumbnail.
"Get Ready to Shake Out"
Join Us poster thumbnail.
"Join Us"
Don't Freak Out poster thumbnail.
"ShakeOut. Don't Freak Out"
What To Do poster thumbnail.
"What To Do"
Protect Yourself poster thumbnail.
"Protect Yourself"

Protect Yourself poster thumbnail.
"When an Earthquake Strikes"
English | Spanish (PDF)

Web and Social Media Graphics

You can post ShakeOut graphics optimized for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to encourage participation in the ShakeOut.

Get Ready ShakeOut promotional graphic.
"Get Ready to Shake Out"
PNG (1080 x 1080px)

Get Ready ShakeOut promotional graphic.
"Get Ready to Shake Out"
PNG (1200 x 630px)

Get Ready ShakeOut promotional graphic.
"Get Ready to Shake Out"
PNG (1080 x 154px)

Don't Freak Out ShakeOut promotional graphic.
"ShakeOut. Don't Freak Out"
PNG (1080 x 1080px)

Don't Freak Out ShakeOut promotional graphic.
"ShakeOut. Don't Freak Out"
PNG (1200 x 630px)

Don't Freak Out ShakeOut promotional graphic.
"ShakeOut. Don't Freak Out"
PNG (1080 x 154px)

Join Us ShakeOut promotional graphic.
"Join Us"
PNG (1080 x 1080px)

Join Us ShakeOut promotional graphic.
"Join Us"
PNG (1200 x 630px)

Join Us ShakeOut promotional graphic.
"Join Us"
PNG (1080 x 154px)

Resources for Kids and Educators

Lesson Plans and Involvement

Schools, museums, libraries, and families are encouraged to visit the Washington Emergency Management Division Publications site to find a wealth of kids activities and resources for learning about hazards and how to be prepared!

    Outsmart the Quake! An Earthquake Preparedness Curriculum for Middle School (Grades 6-8) Students

Lesson 1 "Disasters are Preventable" Document
Lesson 1 "Disasters are Preventable" Powerpoint
Lesson 2 "Protect Yourself" Document
Lesson 2 "Protect Yourself" Powerpoint
Lesson 3 "Home Safety" Document
Lesson 3 "Home Safety" Powerpoint
Lesson 4 "Community Preparedness" Document
Lesson 4 "Community Preparedness" Powerpoint

Additional Resources for Kids and Educators

Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness - Kindergarten through Grade 2

Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness - Grade 3 - 5

Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness - Grade 6 - 12

Suggested ShakeOut Messaging - for Newsletters, Web Pages, Social Media, etc.

Multiple descriptions and media for promoting ShakeOut and educating about earthquake safety and preparedness.


While we can not stop a huge earthquake from occurring, we can be prepared. Learn more about earthquake safety and how you can get prepared at the following sites:

Personal Preparedness:
Prepare in a Year (PIY)

Home Preparedness:

Neighborhood Preparedness:
Map Your Neighborhood (MYN)

School Preparedness

Business Preparedness:
EMD Business Portal

In Washington, the USGS ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system can now provide you with seconds of warning to drop, cover, and hold on before shaking arrives! Learn more about the 3 ways to get seconds of warning on your mobile phone in Washington here!

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